Thursday, May 28, 2009

Eclipse: Could not launch the product...

Eclipse crashed or in my case took too long to open a file and I had to shut it down in a not clean state (really surprised it didn't crash during my attempt AND I didn't have to kill it! Great job people@eclipse!).
Next thing that happens when I try to re-launch it using the same workspace is an error message:

Could not launch the product because the associated workspace is currently in use by another Eclipse application

You need to:
  1. go to the workspace home directory
  2. enter the .metadata directory
  3. remove file .lock
and you can happily restart from where you left your job.


Mohamed said...

Thank you for this synthetic solution.

Unknown said...

Well trying to delete that file gives me another error pop-up:

"Cannot delete def... \: It is being used by another person or program."


Vicks said...

Thanks. I was searching for this only.